Nissan Elgrand E51 Under Seat Subwoofer (UPGRADE)

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Nissan Elgrand E51 Under Seat Subwoofer (UPGRADE)

This come complete with everything you need to fit under seat subwoofer upgrade for your Double Din upgrade. This kit is far superior to the original Speaker system and pairs up nicely with our door speaker upgrade. It is Active system so it as built in Amplifier and comes complete with wiring kit.

The VIBE Optisound range continues to advance what is possible from a compact bass solution with the OptiSound Auto 8 underseat subwoofer enclosures. These super slim bass enclosures are designed to fit in even the smallest of spaces whilst still having the big bass presence that people have come to expect from VIBE.

  •     Ideal for under/behind seat mounting
  •     Max Power 900Watts
  •     RMS Power 300Watts
  •     4-ohm Liteair 8" subwoofer
  •     Height 3", Width 10.6", Depth 15"
  •     Includes cables



8 AWG 800 Watt Amp Wiring Kit.

5.5M 8 AWG clear red power cable.

0.9M 8AWG clear black ground cable.

5.2M clear blue RCA cable.

5.2M solid blue 18AWG amp remote cable.

7.6M clear speaker cable.

1.8M split loom tubing.

AGU fuse holder + AGU fuse (50A).

2 x 8AWG ring terminals.

1 x 14-16 AWG spade terminals.

4 x 16AWG spade terminals.

1 x 8 AWG Grommet.

10 x 6" wire ties.