2 x Emergency Car Flat Tyre Fix Puncture Repair Foam Sealant Inflator Can

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2 X Streetwize Tyre Sealer All-In-One Puncture Repair

Quick, easy and convenient.


No need to remove tyre.

No damage to tyres. Unlike Many Other Temporary Sealants the Tyre can still be Repaired.

Also suitable for motorcycle tyres (If you have the room to carry it)

Streetwize Tyre Sealer 450ml.

A 'Must Have' accessory for any Car, Van, Caravan, Motor-home.

Tyre Puncture Repair: Sealant and inflater
Designed to fill and effectively seal most normal punctures and slow leaks. suitable for most
cars, caravans, trailers, small vans, motor-homes & motorcycles.

No jack, tools or wheel
change required.
Does not damage tyre.
Unique safety valve automatically seals and re-inflates
in one application keeping you away from dangerous traffic.

Suitable for tubeless tyres only.